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USAMAG Hair Loss Cure

USAMAG remedies for hair loss make great use of different herbs. These herbs are available in local grocery stores or you can order them online, such as Planting them in pots or containers is recommended so that you will have a steady supply of these herbs at any time.

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Below are several effective herbal treatments you can use to prevent hair loss and to regrow new hair.

  1. Use of Bhringaraj (King of Herbs)

To enhance hair growth and arrest premature graying of hair, make a paste out of fresh Bhringaraj (also known as false daisy or Eclipta alba) leaves. Apply on the scalp and leave it there for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse with water. In case fresh leaves are not available, use a pack of dried Bhringaraj, which can be ordered on . Simply steep these dried leaves in warm water (around 5-6 tablespoons), apply on the scalp and wash off after the designated time. If you perform this routine on a regular basis you will notice plenty of new hair growth within just a few months.

  1. Use of lemon juice and Indian gooseberry

Simply cut the Indian gooseberry (also known as Amla or Amlaki) into smaller pieces and remove the seeds. Crush the pieces until they become a paste. Strain the paste so that the juice can be extracted. Use a sieve (wire or plastic mesh) to do this. Add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice to the extracted juice of Indian gooseberry. Mix very well. Apply the mixture to the scalp and leave on for 30 minutes. After the recommended time, wash the hair with water.

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Another variation is the use of dried or powdered Indian gooseberry, available on . Mix it with warm water and apply on the scalp. Rinse off after 15 minutes.

  1. Hair loss natural home remedy using lemon peel, soap nut, curry leaves, green gram and fenugreek seeds

Gather the following ingredients and place in one container:

  • 1 lemon peel
  • 3 tablespoons of soap nut powder
  • 15-20 pieces of curry leaves
  • 2 tablespoons of green gram
  • 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds
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Grind the ingredients. Place the mixture into a clean, glass bottle. Use this mixture as your shampoo. Rinse well with water.

  1. Use of Margosa leaves

Crush a handful of margosa leaves and add to a pot filled with 4 cups of water. Bring to a boil. Allow the liquid to cool and filter out the leaves. Use this liquid when rinsing your hair.

  1. Use of Aromatic Jatamansi

This herb root goes by the names of Indian Spikenard and Muskroot. It aids in stimulating hair growth by removing blood impurities. It is also known for causing the skin to glow radiantly. It is available in capsule forms. You can either take the capsule orally (not more than 6 mgs per day) or apply it directly on the scalp.

  1. Use of Methi (Miracle Herb)

Another great remedy for hair growth is Methi, or better known as Fenugreek. Choose the dry roasted methi and grind it. Add in warm water and make a paste out of it. Apply on scalp and hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes then wash off with water.

  1. Other Herbs

Trichup herbal hair powder or THHP is a mixture of the following herbs: bhringaraj, brahmi, Indian gooseberry, aloe vera, henna, neem, and jatamansi. THHP is used for treating split ends and dandruff and preventing hair fall. Another herb is Teak wood seed extracts. This herb promotes hair growth.

Some Thoughts on the Use of Herbs

Today’s shampoos, conditioners and other hair products are found to be harsh both on the scalp and hair strands. The above mentioned herbal remedies use all natural ingredients and herbs that are not only safe and healthy to your scalp and hair but also friendly to the environment.

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