How to move to Canada for CoML? Canadian immigration and how to immigrate in 2020

For many, immigration is an impossible dream. How to move to Canada? You are definitely interested in many questions and we will answer them here. We help you immigrate from anywhere in the world. The latest Canadian immigration programs [2020], visa to Canada, immigration through study, business immigration to Canada, professional immigration, labor immigration to Canada and this is just a small part of our help to you.

Advantage for you

Our advantage for you is our Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, Elena Koroleva. Elena has over 7 years of successful experience with a huge number of cases from our clients. We work on all immigration programs in Canada, as well as on obtaining coins for citizens of other countries located in Canada.

Helping to immigrate to Canada is our main goal. Because we were once in your shoes, and we understand you more than anyone else!


How to immigrate to Canada in 2020

There are many ways to move to Canada:

  • Federal immigration program
  • Provincial immigration programs
  • Family Sponsorship Program
  • Immigration to Canada through study
  • Immigration through investment, business start-up or Start-Up Visa
  • Immigration to Canada through Work
  • Moving to Canada through the Atlantic Pilot Project

We will always be glad to help you choose the most suitable option for your family situation. Here you can immediately fill out a questionnaire, which will take 5-8 minutes. We will provide professional support at every step of the immigration process, from selection of an immigration program to obtaining a residence permit in Canada.

The cost of our services for immigration to Canada ranges from $1,500 to $8,500 per family. Only in rare cases (in difficult family or business immigration situations) can our services cost more.

Social adaptation in Canada. Temporary Resident Document Services in Canada

  • We also provide free social adaptation services for our clients after your arrival in Canada. Adaptation in Canada is the main thing after you move to Canada.

Social adaptation in Canada:

Opening an account with a Canadian bank,

Getting a social security number,

Obtaining a permit for free medical care for all family members,

We can help you with your search for housing in Canada,

Searching for work in Canada,

Registration of children to school in Canada,

Choosing a school for a child in Canada.

We provide services for temporary residence in Canada through programs:

Studies of language,

Studying in Canada,

Work in Canada,

Working visa to Canada,

Nanny or housekeeper recruitment programs,

Tourist visa to Canada,

Guest visa to Canada.

The cost of such services is 750-1500 USD.

All our relationships with you are legally established by a signed contract. To save you time, we offer legal advice online and we are always in touch.

We do not ask you to pay for the entire immigration process at once, unlike other companies. All financial settlements are made through the bank step by step, as you progress through the immigration process.

52 Best TOP sites for job search in Canada 2020-2021 [The most complete list of sites]

Work in Canada is the most popular issue, both resident and immigrant. Any resident of Canada, who was born here or immigrated from another country, will tell you how it is not easy to find a job in Canada. And especially – the first job. The Canadian government spends a lot of money to help newcomers find work in Canada and find a job. There are special free courses, electronic search engines, and consultants. But all this does not guarantee that you will get a job in Canada quickly.

Advantages of our company services:

We use our contacts – specialists in various fields to help you find a job faster or to advise on the necessary steps to get the desired job;
We work with many organizations and associations that help us do this.
We have provided the most complete list of job search sites where you can find a job. The most complete list of job search sites in Canada.

Where can I find a job in Canada? Job Search Sites in Canada?

52 Best Websites for Job Search in Canada 2019-2020 [The Most Complete List of Sites]

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Indeed
  3. Monster 
  4. Work in
  5. Simply hired 
  6. Robert Half –
  7. CarrierBuilder
  8. Eluta
  9. Glassdoor
  10. Workopolis
  11. Kijiji
  13. PayScale
  32. AllStarJobs 
  33. Jobgurus 
  35. Jobbank
  36. RandStad
  37. Jobboom 
  38. Eco Canada 
  39. Canada’s Association of IT Professionals (CIPSIT) 
  40. CareerJet 
  41. Craigslist 
  43. Google for Jobs
  46. Best Jobs Canada
  47. Canadian Career Page
  48. С

If you are not yet a Canadian resident but would like to come to Canada to work and improve your English, we have a Study and Work in Canada program for you. This program is not cheap and is not an immigration program; however, it is very popular among those who would like to make Canada their new home.

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