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Water-powered car

Written by Lombreblanche

One of the problems that has become a danger to human beings is the problem of air pollution surrounding us, which leads to problems in the lungs and respiratory system, so scientists went to get rid of this problem, and one of the most important causes of this problem is the problem of car exhausts and waste factories, the result was the invention of a car working to replace oil and gas with water, and it was called the water car, was credited with the invention of this car belongs to the state of Japan, and some have said that The two scientists, one Egyptian and the other Palestinian, invented this engine, which works to move water strongly in order to generate energy running the engine of the car, which serves as an example of renewable energy, as gasoline will never have a role in the operation of the engine.

This idea, which the world has welcomed significantly, will reduce fuel consumption and thus reduce pollution, and this invention is the first and unique invention of its kind and deserves to be developed, the idea of using water for electric power will serve all humanity from all sides.

When pouring water into the water tank in the car, the engine rids hydrogen of water and frees the electrons in order to move the generator, and the owner of this mastermind was the 20-year-old Palestinian scientist AtefShukani, who studies at The University of Jerusalem.

The idea of water-powered cars has become a futuristic revolution in itself and can be contested by the biggest car companies, as it is a very lucrative savings deal, because of the high price of gasoline, and it is also environmentally friendly.

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