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Use the right oil for your car

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Pay attention to choosing the right type of oil for the car, in order to maintain engine performance, so it is recommended to periodically maintain the engine, and to choose the appropriate oil by following the instructions of the owner’s manual, which contains information on the extent to which a particular oil matches the vehicle in order to operate it. 

Types of engine oils 

There are many types of oils used in cars, including: 

Mineral oils: Mineral oils are obtained from nature and can be used in the new car, and are usually used because of their inexpensive price. 

Fully Synthetic Oil: Industrial oils are characterized by the fact that they contain mineral oil as their basis, and are chemically designed to be more stable at optimum temperatures, and this type of oil can be selected if it matches the engine of the car, and depending on the budget it is considered expensive, and contains additives that enable it to keep the oil clean for a long time.

Semi-synthetic Oil: Semi-synthetic oils are a mixture of mineral oils of 70% and industrial oils by 30%, and modern cars should not face problems due to the change between this type, fully industrial oils and mineral oils, because they have a mineral basis and are suitable for a limited budget. 

High Mileage Oil: High mileage oils are used to extend the life of older engines after long-distance travel, including additives, antioxidants, coolers, etc., that help to regenerate the functioning of older engines and reduce any engine problem. 

Pay attention to oil additives 

Examples of supplements and additives added to car oils include: 

·         Detergents, these materials are added to remove some sediments, and to prevent the formation of rust, corrosion and high temperature deposits. 

·         Anti-wear, these additives help protect mineral surfaces in case the oil-generating lubrication layer is removed. 

·         Viscosity enhancers, which help reduce oil’s tendency to thin due to high temperatures. 

·         Foam blockers, which help disperse and reduce the foam resulting from the rotation of the crankshaft during the oil. 

·         Friction rates, which help reduce engine friction and improve its mileage.

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