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Tomorrow’s cars

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Not only the access to a luxury car is the only concern for the automotive industry, but today, in the context of using technology to serve people, they are seeking to develop a luxurious lifestyle that makes cars a smart mobility machine as well as a vehicle that focuses on performance, comfort and safety and manages to reduce the stress of traditional mobility methods. 

Developers also seek to reduce the risk of road use and reduce environmental pollution.


These are just some of the potential for future cars. 

Tomorrow’s cars will be equipped with hundreds of microcomputers, and according to Michael Todd, global head of innovation at Hinkel Logistics Technologies, the automotive industry is on the cusp of major changes. 

The car of the future will be like a smartphone with wheels will also have large infotainment systems, with cars likely to have a larger and more accurate infotainment system than anything seen so far, allowing us to work or see something on the go to our destination. 

In fact, Todd claims that by 2025 there will be no keys or sockets in new cars, as they will have fully digital and very stylish 3D interfaces. 

The materials used in today’s smartphone screens will help improve the visual performance of high-volume infotainment systems. 

Voice insulation will be an integral feature of the future car, says Todd “You’ll start hearing things you’ve never heard before while driving”. 

Saber Falah, a lecturer in vehicle systems and mechatronsk at the University of Surrey, adds that artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques can play a role in reducing in-car noise. 

But Todd says the insulation will also isolate sound and heat, reducing the power needed to cool the vehicle. 

Lighter materials will be used in the automotive industry, helping them to travel longer distances.

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