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For more than 75 years, the Jeep brand has been associated with freedom, adventure, originality and passion – the core values that are included in the DNA of each jeep. 

Throughout its history, Jeep owners have learned that “going anywhere and doing anything” is a lifestyle, not just a logo, and that the Jeep badge is more than just a brand. 

Jeep is an American car company, founded in 1941 to provide the U.S. military with light troop carriers that can move quickly on the battlefield. 

Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Jeep belongs to the Chrysler Automobiles Group, Jeep’s name is a military acronym for military or government-designated vehicles. 

Jeep specializes in the manufacture of off-road SUVs, and the company began its journey with the Car Willis, which was produced in 1941, the oldest off-road car in the world, and was then dedicated to military use, but Jeep launched a civilian version of it in 1945, a move that opened the door for many companies around the world to enter this new category of cars. 

The car was initially named Willis Quad MA, and later called MB. However, members of the U.S. military and the public called it Jeep. Some claimed that the name came from the blur of the letters “GP”, the military acronym for the word General Purpose. Others say the car is named after Eugene the Jeep, a famous character from the animated series Popeye, and whatever its source, the name has entered the American vocabulary and, for a time, has been used as a generic title for off-road vehicles.

Willis Overland manufactured more than 368,000 cars during World War II, then registered Jeep as a post-war brand, and plans were under way to turn the car into a versatile rough road vehicle for agriculture. One of Willis’s slogans at the time was: The Sun Never Sets on the Mighty Jeep. 

The excitement and creativity of Jeep, a brand that never ceases to evolve and innovate, continues.

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