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3 parts of the car, neglecting to maintain, putting your life at risk

Written by Lombreblanche

The car means a lot to the owner, it is one of the things that has a place in his life and appreciates it greatly, but sometimes this is not reflected in the dealings of some men with their cars, they do not give them the appropriate attention in terms of the date of maintenance and commitment to them. 

But the danger is that the car will bear and will not complain, but at a certain time it may explode in the face of the owner of many problems, some of which may endanger his life and those around him. 

Here’s a few things you shouldn’t ignore at all for your life and not for the safety of the car itself, in the following cases your life will be primarily a direct threat to you 


Tires are parts that are often poorly treated, and are not taken care of for maintenance or review by specialists, while the tires of the car may take the life of the owner, as the explosion of a tire while traveling at high speeds may mean the end of the car and its driver. 

That’s why you have to take care of the tires periodically and change them on time, which is approximately every 40,000 km, or depending on the condition of the tires that depend on the quality and quality of the tires, the nature of the roads they are travelling on and the damage they are experiencing during their use. 

Car brakes: 

Brakes are the first means of safety of the car, it is a self-defense device that precedes everything else from the vehicle’s safety, whether the airbags or the arming of the car with steel, all of these devices come after the brakes fail to stop the car in time. 

Ignoring the brakes loses its ability and efficiency, putting your life at risk and putting you at the mercy of other means of safety if it is of value or benefit. 

The functioning of the Katina: 

One of the main parts of the car, which the maintenance engineer is very interested in, every time you send your car for maintenance, takes a closer look at the progress of the linen to make sure it is free of any cracks and the years in it have not been damaged.

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