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Car wash steps

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The car is washed by following the following steps: 

·         Remove difficult dirt such as bird droppings, or tar deposits before starting cleaning. 

·         Fill the bucket with soap and water to wash the cars taking into account not using a large amount of it, because it can leave sticky residue on the car. 

·         Rinse the car using a water hose with a focus on dirty places. 

·         Use a sponge to wash the car, change the water bucket in case it becomes dirty and it is best to wash the car in sections and from top to bottom. 

·         Dry the car using a clean and soft towel. 

·         Polish the car glass using standard cleaner and clean paper towels. 

Some materials can be used to clean the car easily, including: 

·         Cleaning the windshield with cola: When it rains after long dry days the windshield is heavily dirty, and to clean this filth easily it is recommended to pour cola on the glass, the bubbles will remove the dirt away but it is very important to put a towel on the bottom of the windshield to protect the paint, and clean the residue of the cola well so that it does not form sticky deposits that attract dust. 

·         Ammonia glass polishing: For better visibility, it is recommended to mix a quarter cup of ammonia with about a liter of water, place it in a plastic spray box, and use the mixture to polish the glass when it is heated with a soft towel. 

·         Car Wash with hair conditioner: Adding hair conditioner to the car wash water gives the car a waxy layer that makes it rain- repelling. 

It is important to consider the following tips for washing the car, to avoid scratching the paint: 

·         Do not use household cleaning materials such as hand soap, dishwashing soap or glass cleaner. 

·         Do not wash the car when the body is hot, i.e. immediately after driving, or after standing in the sun for a while, the heat of the body dries the water and soap quickly making it difficult to wash. 

·         Do not move the sponge in circular motions, this can cause light scratches in the form of swirls, but should be cleaned with longitudinal movements. 

·         Do not leave the car in the air to dry, water lines will appear on it and should not be dried with a rough towel that causes scratches.


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