(SUV and 4×4)what this terms mean ?

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 The automotive world is full of many terms that are used as a classification of cars and the distinction between different categories, and many of us have become the preserves of those terms and classifications by heart without knowing the origin behind the departure of that label or description.

 As the automotive industry flourished and developed, some new names emerged that didn’t exist before, and everywhere it became automotive-related, while many of us do not have a broad culture in the automotive world.

 Thus, the importance of facilitating and simplifying all the terms related to cars and spread among people, such as our “4×4” rating, was easy to understand and at the same time suspicious for some models, which are classified as 4x4s or so-called 4 ×4 or what is wrong with the general public as “Jeep”, according to the American company “Jeep”, especially for cars belonging to that category and equipped with a dual-drive system either rear or front, so the latest international terminology appeared to classify This category is known as SUV.

A natural evolution of the automotive world

Previously, scientifically and in the past, the 4×4 was called SUVs, but with the development of this category and the provision of sedans and other categories of 4×4, and the adoption of a two-wheel drive system in some models of the 4-car class The development of its concept and the concept of its manufacture and its purpose to a car that combines the capabilities of the SUV off the road and the comfort and superiority of the cars “sedan”, the term SUV i.e. Sport Utility Vehicle was adopted in some countries, especially the United States and Canada where SUVs are very widespread there.


The SUV class comprises many vehicles that combine the power and height of the SUV, and the luxury and comfort of the sedan, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW X3, Toyota Prado, Nissan Murano and X-Trail.


The “crossover” category is the middle-center car between the cars and the SUV, taking the form of an SUV from the outside with some characteristics that distinguish it from the “sedan”, and this term is an extension of the term “hatchback” commonly used by the car audience.


The crossover means that the exterior of the car resembles an SUV but is built on a saloon car chassis, some of these cars come SUV but are not designed for off-road and desert walks, the example of which is the ‘Suzuki SX4, Peugeot 3008, Kia Soul, Hyundai i30″.


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