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Range Rover is a large and luxurious SUV, produced by the British manufacturer, Land Rover, of the Jaguar Land Rover Group, owned by Tata Motors of India.

Launched in 1970, this model now has its fourth generation, and Land Rover is developing the Range Rover as its flagship, and uses the same name with two other models, the Range Rover Eve

Rover (the company that created the Land Rover brand) was experimenting with a larger model than the Land Rover category in 1951, until the British car designer Gordon Bashford developed a car based on the Rover B4 called “Road Rover” two-wheel drive, but he closed the project in 1958, and his idea remained neglected until 1966 when engineers Spin King and Gordon Bashford began working on a new model.

In 1967 the first Range Rover prototype was built, and this model carried many of the features of the Range Rover Classic but with a difference in the design of the headlights and radiator protection grille, and the design of the Range Rover finally ended in 1969. During the period 1967 to 1970, 26 Vilar test vehicles were produced, It was recorded for road travel. The name “Velar” is derived from the Italian word “Velare” which means obscured or covered, as Range Rover development engineer Geoff Miller used this name as a trick to register Range Rover test vehicles. The Vilar Company was registered in London and produced 40 test vehicles between 1967 and 1970. Most of the Vilar vehicles are still preserved.

Launched in the 1970’s, the Range Rover was shown at the Louvre Museum in Paris in the early 1970s as a “model work of industrial design”.

Today, Range Rover continues to shine on to many of its advantages such as:

            Information and entertainment system

            Off-road capabilities

            Driving assistance systems

            Elegance and innovation

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