The first appearance of cars

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A car is a passenger vehicle based on an engine that works by reacting to an electric spark with fuel that gives it the ability to generate kinetic energy to move from one place to another. Cars areone of the most widely used transportation among the people, and many of the places are closely related, such as taxis that rely on the passenger to pay the driver a sum of money when he drives to the place he wants to go.


The history of the automotive industry is rich and refined, and may be difficult to trace accurately, but the first appearance of cars dates back to the 15th century, when Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton presented designs and drawings of the initial selections of cars, after which the inventors began experiments with the automotive industry that varied its methods and forms, The first real car with a motor in a pottery was made in 1769 by the inventor Nicolas Joseph Konyo in France at Arsenal Paris, and it was a self-operated three-wheel editing car without outside help, where it was made. For the use of the French army. The first electric car appeared in the 19th century in Scotland, where the inventor Robert Anderson built a car powered by an electric motor between 1832 and 1839, and later the idea of the movements operated by The German manufacturer Carl Friedrich Benz manufactured the first motorized car to be powered by gasoline in Germany between 1885 and 1886 and was three-wheeled. After Benz, the inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach built Germany’s first four-wheel edited and fuel-powered engine in 1886, named the Cannstatt-Daimler engine.


The modern cars we use today have evolved very dramatically, This is due to the great industrial development that entered the automotive industry, became better designs and more space, as technology and smart systems entered into its industry, where modern cars have screens that work by touch, the ability to work with voice commands, connect the mobile phone to the car system, and thus control a number of functions through the mobile phone, in addition to eliminating the key modern cars and replacing it with the start button, as the car systems have become the electric system helped in their work, and the lack of accreditation Fully fuel-efficient, thus helping to save fuel consumption significantly.


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