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Kia’s exciting plans for the future of its electric cars

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At the beginning of 2020, Kia has launched its ambitious new strategy for its electric future, as part of a massive $25 billion investment. The Korean automaker announced its plan to launch 11 fully electric models by 2025.


Later, it became clear that kia’s new electric car was worth waiting for, and Autocar indicated that it would serve as a high-performance model for the brand.

According to the British website, the upcoming Kia will be based on the Imagine concept, which was first launched in Geneva last year and is said to have a new name plate, and will outperform the high-performance Niro EV and Soul EV.


Pablo Matinez Masieb, Head of Product Planning at Kia, describes the performance of the new electric vehicle as important in demonstrating Kia’s future capabilities.


The new performance of the upcoming Kia Electric car will be based on a new dedicated platform that will also be shared with Honda and will be used for a range of SUVs, more powerful sedans, and larger sedans in the future.


In terms of specifications, Kia claims that the EV 2021 will be able to travel 310 miles and will be able to charge from 20 to 80 percent in about 20 minutes, thanks to the 800V system when using a 350KW charger.

Similar to the four-door Imagine concept, the new EV will be designed as a crossover, according to Kia President Paul Philpott.


Emilio Herrera, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Europe, also noted that Kia may use RIMAC EV technology as part of its $90 million investment in a high-performance electric car company.


Performance is an essential part, and that’s what these electric cars are expected to offer, and the goal is to apply RIMAC knowledge and deliver great performance for these cars.

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