Car maintenance

Tips to keep your cars in good condition

Giving some attention to your car ensures that it stays in good condition and here are some tips to keep it in good shape even if you don’t drive it:

Even if you are not driving, you may experience some malfunctions, such as battery runout, so be sure to turn yourcar on for a few minutes from time to time to avoid breakdowns.

It is necessary to operate the engine for 15 minutes each week and park in a well ventilated area. Turn it on, move and use the brakes to prevent rust from accumulating on it, if it is parked on a relatively flat floor, release the handbrake.

Scanner blades should be cleaned with a cloth or paper napkin wet with glass washing fluid because when the car stays outside for a long time, dust, dirt and dry soap accumulate on the blades.

As for the tires, they are prone to partial surface flatting if they do not move for a long time, which may lead to increased vibration of the vehicle and to avoid this, the pressure of the tires should be checked and rotated.

When you are not using the car is the right time to take care of it. Wash it manually and avoid using gel fluid because it removes the wax layer that protects the paint, as well as avoid ingesting scented napkins or those containing bleach, which have been shown to harm the screens.

Finally, clean your car from the inside as you are keen to clean it from the outside, the interior brushes are exposed to a lot of factors so use a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush to remove dust from the handles and meters.


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