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Ways to refine automotive oils

The process of refining automotive oils separates its components into useful materials, and chemists use the following methods:

Fracture method: It is a very old and most common method, and is based on separating objects into different components by reverse distillation, depending on the difference in boiling temperatures.

Conversion method: One of the latest technologies used in chemotherapy, converting long oil chains into short chains, allowing diesel fuel to be converted into gasoline, for example.

Distillation method: This method is used to remove pollutants from automotive oil, to produce new essential oils, distillation by mixing a base of oil with a new mixture of additives, such as dispersants, cleaners and chemical control, in order to restore the effectiveness of the original oil, the distillation process requires 3.8 liters of used oil, to produce 2.4 liters of refined engine oil, and the basic stock can be used to produce other lubricants, such as Hydraulic fluids, automatic transmission fluids.

Note: The same oil can be refined many times, which means using less energy and reducing carbon emissions.

History of automotive oil refining

The refining of crude oil dates back to 1859, when the first drilling of an oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania, USA, was successful, as oil was available in very small quantities at that time, and the discovery of rock oil in northwestern Pennsylvania made crude oil available in sufficient quantities, in order to develop large-scale processing systems, and the first refineries used simple distillation units, to separate the various oil components by heating crude oil in a container, And condensed fumes in liquid fractions, kerosene was the main and widely available product that is a source of clean oil, which was extracted from animal fats such as whale oil, and the techniques of drilling oil spread rapidly to Russia, in 1890 became there Several refineries to produce large quantities of kerosene and vehicle oils, and the development of the internal combustion engine led to the creation of a market for crude oil, where the development of automobiles in the early 19th century increased the demand for high-quality gasoline, and therefore continues to work on the development of refining methods Crude oil.

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