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The most expensive and easily avoidable car repairs

For many, car repairs are among the most important annual expenses due to the large volume of expenses of some of these repairs, depending on the type and model of the car, so today we give you a look at the most important repairs that can be easily avoided. 

Replacement of carrier 

When considering expensive car repairs, the transmission is one of the most prominent, since it sometimes costs thousands of dollars, so in order to maintain it without having to replace it, it is very important to take into account periodic maintenance while ensuring the quality and quantity of the carrier liquid per month, as it must maintain a specific level of this liquid while avoiding driving violently. 

Replacing the catalytic converter 

The cost of replacing the catalytic converter can sometimes exceed $2,000, which is responsible for reducing the rate of exhaust emitted from the car, and although it is able to withstand for many years, the use of faulty oil or driving over a bump too fast can cause a lot of damage, so to avoid having to change it you must pass cautiously at a low speed above the bumps besides using the right oil with a periodic change. 

Replacement turbo charger 

Cars with turbo chargers offer us great pleasure, but the need to replace one of these chargers at any time at a cost of more than $6000 may spoil this pleasure, especially as it is one of the most important pieces responsible for increasing engine efficiency, and to avoid the need to replace it it is important to pay attention to changing filters and oil periodically while allowing the engine to heat before driving and use the right fuel while allowing the engine to cool down after stopping. 

Breaking the timing belt 

The timing belt connects the crank shaft to the engine base to make sure that the valves open and close well, and due to this, the belt goes through a lot of depreciating factors, and in case of breaking, this may damage the engine, where the noise of the engine can appear if the belt loses some teeth, so to avoid heavy repairs, it is preferable to replace the belt every period depending on the period explained by the companies for cars.


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