That’s how you stop your car professionally

How do I stop the car professionally? And how do I stop the car at the shortest distance? Questions for motorists, who have encountered difficult road traffic, or are afraid of serious accidents as a result of driving at high speeds.

To stop the car at the shortest distance and professionally, you have to take several steps to get the best result, and to pass through dangerous situations safely.

For driving a car with ABS brakes, you’ll have to deal with it in a special way.

ABS Manual car brakes:

When you drive at high speed and want to stop the car as quickly as you drive, you will have to press the brakes with all your strength, and do not lift your foot off it until the car stops.

At the same time, don’t press at all the “clutch” switch, so you don’t release the car from gear constraints, help you more control it, and press your left foot in the empty space next to the clutch.

ABS automatic car brakes:

In that case you will have to press the ABS brakes, with all your strength and also do not lift your foot from the brakes and do not press them reluctantly, you do not have to do anything else, and do not approach the automatic mat at all.

Don’t make this mistake:

A mistake that occurs in many motorists while driving and stopping at high speeds is to hold the steering wheel with one hand.

This operation reduces the control of the driver and causes the car to sag on the road, which threatens to overturn or exit the road completely.

The steering wheel must be controlled with both hands, and it is advisable if you can hold the steering wheel in your arms, ensuring that the steering wheel is completely controlled.


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