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4 applications to fix road vehicle crashes

Who among us does not experience a breakdown in his car on the road, which requires urgent assistance. But helping in the era of technology has other forms, including a number of auto repairapplications over the phone.

Here are some quick service apps to fix car breakdowns.

Car Repairs

It is one of the best free applications that can be used to diagnose vehicle faults, as it provides maintenance methods in simple and easy steps that anyone can do. This is in addition to explaining how each part of the car engine works and how to fix it in the event of a malfunction.


One of the most important applications in the field of car repair, it helps you learn how to check and detect the car or repair specific parts of your car, and perform maintenance. This application depends on providing a series of videos on how to do some things such as checking gasoline, changing tires and others.

Help! I Crashed My Car

This application does not help you when your car breaks down, but it is very important if you experience an accident, as it calls for help and calls your family members, and informing them of your location through their numbers previously registered on the application.


It’s a digital platform that connects the service provider to the customer smoothly and very simple. The application provides the possibility of requesting maintenance or rescue winch as well and helps you in case of minor faults such as (batteries and charging – an integrated mobile workshop – oil change – tire repair – solutions to the car problems key – car transport surfaces – computer examination – car wash – fuel filling). It also provides around-the-clock customer service to provide free advice.


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