Car engines are the most important parts of the car ever and are called the heart of the car and in the light of the modern technological development the engines have a lot of types and capacities liters in addition to the number of cylinders as well.

In this article we will learn what types of car engines are traded in the international and Arab markets.

Type 1 – Internal combustion engines:

In this type the engine burns fuel and air internally to generate power, when the fuel burns inside the engine cylinder, it generates a rise in temperature and pressure that force that pressure sits on the piston inside the cylinder and transfers the pressure force to the car shaft column which is used to rotate the wheels of the car, which is the most widely used engine of our time because of its advantages.

In internal combustion engines, you can only use gasoline and diesel.

Advantages of internal combustion engines:

* The cost of manufacturing is lower than external engines

* Easy to refuel the car

* These engines are compact and require fewer space than other engines

* Performance power

* Cold resistant to use of gasoline and diesel fuel

Type 2 – External Combustion Engines:

In external combustion engines, fuel is burned outside the engine, the same idea as the old trains where water vapor is formed as a result of fuel combustion in the combustion furnace and then enters the cylinder and generates energy.

In external combustion engines you can use gasoline, diesel and gas and these engines are used in trains, ships, electric power generation and are rarely used in cars.

Advantages of external combustion engines:

* Torque power.

* Cheap fuel can be used

* More flexible than internal combustion engines.


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