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Whencar’s maintenance go wrong

Cars can be disrupted at any time. When this happens, you try most of the time to find a way to fix the problem yourself. Mainly, this kind of reaction to such a situation of the vehicle is due to two things. First, you will not repair your car by someone else and you will not have, in turn, a car to drive. Second, repairing your car by a mechanic means having to pay huge amounts of money. 

But what to do when you bring your car to the repairer however when you get your car back, it seems that the repair has not been fully repaired but you need to rush to the mechanic and fix it? Once again. Imagine all the expenses you’ll face for another repair and think you’ll then need another set of after-sales parts. 

According to automotive and business experts, being aggressive and with a hot head won’t give you the results you want. In fact, it can only lead to a much larger problem and will only lead to more trouble and complications. No, of course, they don’t say you should let it go instead and bring your car to another mechanic. Being polite will help you move on. 

Once you realize that there is still something wrong with your car, return your car to the store. Then you should politely ask to speak to the manager and mechanic who worked in your car. When you talk to them face to face, explain your dilemma and use as much detail as possible to allow them to fully understand the problem of your vehicle. You can even try going for a driving test with the mechanic so you can show the problem you encountered. 

As you can see, being hot and angry won’t do much. As long as you know where you are and what your rights are, you may get a lot more than you paid for this wrong fix.

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