Cars and transportation have become an important part of our lives, and everyone is looking for the most comfortable means of transportation, and we will talk in this article about one of the best car companies in the world, we present you today information about Chevrolet.

It is an American car company of the General Motors Group, founded by Chevrolet Luis in 1911. 

The company began its business under the management of William Durant, who sought to acquire General motors through Chevrolet, but things went in the opposite direction to acquire Chevrolet through General Motors in 1918, to appoint “Durant” as general motor’s president, before he was sacked and Alfred Sloane appointed his position, which, through his slogan “Car for every budget and purpose”, sought to sell large numbers of Chevrolet cars and make it general motor’s most selling brand. 

As of 2010, it operated in more than 140 countries, and global sales in 2011 hit a record high of 4.76 million cars worldwide. 

As everything in the world has become technical and everyone is seeking to have more luxury, all cars support Android Auto, Apple Car Play wanted General Motors to support its entertainment system with more entertainment functions, so GENERAL MOTORS increased after conducting a survey with Google voice assistant options in addition to new applications that distinguish gm cars such as Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet starting from 2021, and it is worth noting that the voice assistant services that include google call, which includes a call, will add a call, including google helper, which includes a call call, which includes a call, including Send a text message, turn on or close a radio station, provide real-time traffic information, auto-route and the driver will also be able to provide voice commands to navigate home or nearest gas station, car charging stations without the need for a phone, and Google Play will offer a range of applications within the car to achieve harmony between everything that is technical.

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